Floating Docks and Deck Boats

We construct floating docks and deck boats on many of the small lakes in and around Northern Virginia, many in Reston.

The floating structures are built of pressure-treated lumber and heavy-duty marine-grade specialty hardware.  They can be covered with wood or composite / pvc decking materials.  The buoyancy is provided by floats made of heavy gauge polyehtylene floats injected with foam.

The floating docks are generally attached at the shoreline to posts with hinged hardware and/or held in place with pipe driven down into the lakebed enabling them can move up and down on with the changes in water level.

Deck boats are generally outfitted with battery-powered or small trolling motors to be able to maneuver them around the lake like a boat.

We also do dock repair, often times replacing just the dock surface and using the existing or upgraded framing structure.

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